Friday, December 21, 2007

Sketch Phase III

Eddie Walker has been working hard to select images based on the stories of the community and to listen to feedback about his depictions. The final sketches are completed and the production of the mural begins!

From Eddie:
All the major thematic elements are illustrated. The actual panels will be both, more photographic, and more expressionistic. The background will be more contrasting in colors, allowing the portraits and images to come out more, visually readable by people driving by and walking by.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sketches of the Mural

Phase I

Phase II

To the Colman Neighborhood Association, attached is phase one the mural designs. The mural panels will be produced in stages. This first design illustrates the initial techniques I will use to create a brilliant, multicolor, background. It is upon this background that the portraits and other images will be painted. The images will be of varying size scale and include buildings, stores, people marching for rights, workers, and simple portraits.

I will email you the second of three phases to the mural designs. Phase two will include text added to the background. The text will allow narratives from community members to be included in the mural. Added to the text will be some of the larger images of people to be featured on the mural.

Then I'll add some of the smaller detail images of people and themes, the final phase of the mural design.

I can not do a complete design for each panel and the entire mural...scale prohibits blowing up designs which are expressionistic and impressionistically complex. I hope these designs will give you a better overview of the process and objectives. Once the murals have begun production I will be posting regular, every three days, photos of the actual panels in progress. These postings will allow community feedback and input while the panels are in production. Some changes can be made if agreement can be reached on need for change.

Eddie Walker, universal artist